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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to study in Dubai?

To study in Dubai, students have to pay around INR 7,80,896 to INR 15,00,000 annually against academic fees. This is too for undergraduate programs. For post-graduate programs, the fees go up 10-16 lac per annum. Apart from this, you also have to spend a lot on food and shelter as Dubai is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

2. Is Dubai Good for study?

UAE is quite popular for its lavish buildings and gold-level education system. People from all around the world come here to study business, medicine, and engineering. Dubai is quite a great option when it comes to studying abroad as it has multiple top-ranked universities.

3. Can I study in Dubai for free?

NO. You just cannot study free in Dubai as the UAE administration provides no such facility to international students. Although you can get a rebate on your academic fees once you become part of any university. Many universities in Dubai has scholarship programs through which you can get funds for your study.

4. Can I work and study in Dubai?

Dubai doesn’t ensure that you get to earn while studying in the city. It’s strictly restricted to local students as they have the option to work for 6 hours a week. For international students, there’s no such rule. Although you can apply for a job on your own and arrange a work permit.

5. Can I study in Dubai after the 12th?

Indian students can apply for various undergraduate programs after 12th in Dubai. As Dubai recogized CBSE and ICSE, you won’t have to take another test to prove that you’re eligible to study in Dubai. Once you have a student, you don’t have to worry while studying in Dubai.

6. Is Indian degree valid in Dubai?

Yes, Indian degree is valid in Dubai. You don’t have to worry at all if you have done your study in India. You can apply for a post-graduate program once you get the degree.

7. Which courses are in demand in Dubai?

Dubai is home to many top-ranked education institutions. Due to that, it has become an education hub for international students. We suggest that Dubai is a great place to study engineering, medicine, architecture, design, and business studies. Management and banking are also one of the booming courses in Dubai.

8. How is college life in Dubai?

Dubai is a great place to live, learn, and earn. There are umpteen students from all over the world, which makes it quite diverse. As the city has a lavish lifestyle and calming atmosphere, it’s one place to learn anything and understand the diversity of the world.

9. Where do students live in Dubai?

Students in Dubai choose to live in guest houses, college hostels, private hostels, co-living, etc. near their college. The most inhabited place among international students in Dubai is Silicon Oasis, Mirdiff, Rashidiya, etc.

10. Is there any age limit for a Dubai visa?

For Indians, Dubai has set the minimum age limit to 18 for student Visa.

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