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Cost of Studying in Dubai


Cost of Studying in Dubai

Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates, is home to sky-touching buildings and some of the best colleges in the world. Due to its proximity to India, many Indian students seek to get admission to Dubai. By doing so, they not only get the chance to study with students from different cultures but also make careers in the country. If you’re also planning to study in Dubai this year, you must plan to ensure you don’t have to go through any hassle while studying. In this article, you’re going to learn about different types of expenditures and the cost that you will have to pay while studying in Dubai.

Different Types of Expenses for International Students

Living in different nation is tough and studying there is ever tougher. You not only have to take care of your academics and mental health but also finances. If you ever go through financial crisis in foreign land, it’s going to affect your studies and mental health too. That’s why you should plan ahead and don't let money pressure succumb to you. In the list given below, you can understand the different types of expenses that arrise while studying in Dubai.

Types of Expenses Cost in INR
Academic Fees for Undergrads Rs 7,53,750- Rs 14,07,000
Academic Fees for Post-grad courses Rs 11,05,500- Rs 15,07,500
Rent Rs 2,81,400- Rs 5,42,700
Food Expenses Rs 18,250
Metro/Taxi Fair Metro- Rs 40 for 1 zone Taxi- Rs 200 for 5 km
Student Visa Cost Rs 60,300
Scholarships Availaible Government Scholarships College Scholarships

How to Manage Your Finances While Studying in Dubai?

The most important thing to know while studying in Dubai is that overspending can ruin your abroad experience. To make sure you stay away from this trap, you need to make a well thought off budget and track every spendings. You can also get many student discounts while studying in Dubai, feel free to use it whenever you can. Always transfer large sum to avoind multiple transaction cost. Talk to other students and learn how they manage their finance. That’s all you need to ensure you manage your finances well.

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